Welcome to Electra

Electra is the location of the headquarters of Cross the World Coffee Inc.  and location of the future CTW Coffee coffeehouse.  but I want to share my story how when I was doing google keyword searched of my new web site ... AND FOUND OUT HOW MUCH ELECTRA IS USED and out there on the internet.  from greece cafes called Electra.  And beautiful resorts in germany called Electra Paradise resort.  another in Australia called , yes ELECTRA.  Don't forget the bicycle company that has been around that irronicly has a bick called electra townie.  Carmen Electra ,  come-on you have seen "Two headed shark attack" ,right.  then there is Elektra:  super hero and espresso machine company.  This is gona be fun in ELECTRA where Cross the World Coffee can be found (soon).  check us out http://www.wichitafallscoffee.info